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December 25, 2014 at 03:50:09
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hi guys

that formula is correct but most of the time year is different when we analyses 2 years data, hence we not change every time year 2000 to 2001 so for that we use same formula but different way i.e.
=TEXT(DATE(YEAR(B5),MONTH(B5),DAY(B5)),"mmm"). B5 is where the date available in particular Cell. If i want year along with month using "-" between date & month I use following formula:
=TEXT(DATE(YEAR(B5),MONTH(B5),DAY(B5)),"mmm")&" - "&YEAR(B5)

If u like it then pls comment on this

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December 25, 2014 at 06:22:07
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A simpler way, is to Custom Format your month cells.

With your Date in B5
In cell B6
Select Cell
On the ribbon Select Format
On the drop down menu select Format Cells at the bottom of list
On the pop up window, Select Custom from the Categories list.
In the Type box enter: MMMM
Click OK

Now simply make B6 equal to B5 with the formula: =B5

You should now have the Month of the Date from B5.
So if B5 contains the date 12/25/2014
then B6 should show December.

You can also shorten your first formula from:


To the simpler =TEXT(B5,"MMMM")

For the dash between Month & Year another Custom Format
would work, something like: MMMM - YYYY

Also the shortened formula:


should work.


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