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Check text string for range of text entries

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Hello – here is what I’m trying to do:

– Cell A1 on sheet 1 contains a text string (ie. “I need help with an excel function”)

Range A1:B10 on sheet 2 looks like:
1 The 10
2 Car 20
3 Help 30
4 Dog 40

etc ….

I need a formula in sheet 1 that looks at the string in A1 and compares it to the range in Sheet 2. If one of the words in Sheet 2 are contained in the Sheet 1 text string, return the numerical value to the right of the matching word in Sheet 2.

So, in my example above, the formula would return “30”.

Alternatively, if this is not possible, I could work with the formula returning the matching word only (ie. “help” in the example above)