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Solved Can’t Insert a Photo Into Word

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I am using Microsoft Word Starter 2010 and have a problem with inserting pictures. I click on Insert, Picture, and am able to browse in my Pictures file. When I click on a photo from my files, only a narrow strip of the bottom of the photo appears in the Word document. However, if I use Works, the picture appears correctly. Does anyone know what I need to adjust? Thanks.


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  1. Thanks for the reply. I just entered my question into Google and found this answer:

    The symptom of seeing only the bottom of the picture indicates that
    the paragraph in which you’re inserting it is set to an “exact” line
    spacing. In the Format Paragraph dialog, change the spacing from
    “exact” to “at least” to allow the line space to expand to the full
    height of the inserted picture.

    One click and everything works great.

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