Cant get simple use drop boxes to work

July 11, 2011 at 16:35:45
Specs: Windows 7/Excel 2010
Ok heres what im trying to do. Im in charge of machine operators at my place of work. Ive made lists of the best employee to have in a particular room based on my training with them. Im trying to redo the schedule format to have drop down boxes for all 11 rooms refrencing sevreal diffrent drop down columns where a grade people most to least talent. This parts not hard but, I need to have it where I cannot use that employees name anywhere else on the 100+ person schedule. I figured out how to do it if all the drop boxes refrence the same cell numbers on a diffrent tab but am blanking on a way to get rid of duplicates when refrencing a bunch of diffrent cells in diffrent places with the same persons name on many of the 'best of that room' mini drop downs. Dunno if this is as clear as i wanted to type it but i could use some help.

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July 11, 2011 at 22:37:42
Go to this site

and scroll down to the 6th template:

DV0051 - Assign Players Each Inning

I use that template to build Softball Rosters. Once a name has been chosen from a drop down in any given inning, it is no longer available in the drop down for that inning.

Perhaps the techniques used in that template can be modified to work for you.

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