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Can’t Find MS Word In The Program Files And Can’t Find It In

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I can’t find Word in the program files and I was advised to look in the C drive under program files, MS office, office 12, etc but there is no Word.exe file in there. I can open Word docs that are saved in my pc and can even create new ones from the saved ones. I have MS Office 2007
Please advise.


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  1. Office 12 may not be the folder you’re looking for. Click on Computer, and then go to C:\ and look at the two Program Files Folders. There should be a Microsoft Office folder in one of them. Then look to see what Office folder is there. Depending on the version, it could be 10, 11, 12, etc.

    Look for the winword.exe file in the Office folder, then just right-click and drag it to your desktop and create a shortcut.

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