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August 12, 2014 at 14:11:02
Specs: Windows XP
Is there a way to have excel automatically fill in information with out copy and pasting. Basically my file looks like the below example. I have 4 columns of information that needs to be with each of the category relating to each invoice. The Categories are in the same columns the "x" are blanks. (when posting question here it moved everything to the left )
Date - xx - 9867- 158647 - category1 - total
xxxx - xx- xxxx- xxxxxx - category2 - total
xxxx - xx - xxxx - xxxxxx - category3 - total
xxxx - xx -xxxx- xxxxxx - category4- total

Between each new invoice there is a blank Row and then a new invoice

Date-xx-1680- 15835 category 1 - total
category2 - total
category3- total

Can Excel fill this in automatically or is copy and pasting it?

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August 13, 2014 at 07:34:35
Please read this How-To to see how to post data in these forums:

Make sure to include Row Numbers and Column Letters.

Without having your sheets set up before hand
to automatically copy data from one sheet to another,
the only option would be a MACRO.

Unfortunately my macro skills are just above nill,
but there are others on the forum who are very adept at creating macro,
so post your data, as described above, add as much info as possible
and hopefully you will get a response.


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