Solved Can a front user database call multiple back end databases?

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July 10, 2013 at 12:13:05
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Here at work, I have a user database set up, the front end, that calls from a single back end db currently. There are about 30 users right now but several of the other managers of this large department (multi level management for perhaps 90 users-department of three teams, the three teams broken into pods, each pod has perhaps 10 users)

TeamA is set up with a front end and backend db, let's call it backendA. The front end is housed on the server but each user has a copy on their desktop. I think it would be easy enough to continue that for the other users. The front end would have to change though, adding other fields for the other teams to use when they work on the individual cases. (Each case is an account review with a three step process, handled by each of the three teams. TeamA opens and prepares it, TeamB executes, TeamC reviews and closes so each team has check in and out dates and comments to make so at least four fields would be added for both TeamB and TeamC.)

Each of the teams should be able to see all entries on each case but I'm concerned about housing all of the data in the same database. We had an older database (on Access 2003) with more than 60,000 cases and it was a nightmare to use, so slow! Each month we create 2500-3000 cases so we could reach that within two years so if there's a way to keep this small and tidy, I'd like to know.

How would I connect the front end to three back ends? Can I call multiple databases when mapping to external data?

Ideas, anyone?

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July 10, 2013 at 12:21:33
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I think you are trying to overcomplicate the system (which will not speed it up). Poor performance with a moderately sized database like this indicates poor design of the underlying back-end. Correct design of tables and including the appropriate indexes should allow it to easily handle this workload.

I'd suggest that you invest in the services of an experienced professional database designer to set up the database.

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