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April 9, 2010 at 08:38:04
Specs: Windows XP
I have this same problem, but cannot find a solution:

(repeat question before stated by someone else)
I have an Excel file that is doing something odd. First of all, Excel 97 SP2. Now when I open this file it has tons of formulas and it can both auto-update or manually update just fine. The problem is when it's done crunching numbers the word "calculate" shows up on the bottom of the Excel window in the status bar on the far left and will not go away even if I close the suspect file causing it. I can keep the Excel program itself open and continue to open other workbooks and the word calculate still stays present in the status bar. Close the Excel program, reopen and all other Excel files load just fine. Load up this suspect file and the word calculate shows up gain until I shut the Excel program down.

I've searched many many other sites trying to find out what is causing this and I can't find anything specific addressing this problem.

This is an issue because the calculating that is done on this sheets take a loooong time to complete. So long I've had to turn off the auto-calculation option just so I can navigate the file without calculating every time I move to another cell.

This file has several sheets all pulling raw information from another sheets within the same workbook. I'm using VLOOKUP quite a bit to pull this raw info into the fields doing the calculating based on text fields on the sheets housing the raw data. Nothing earth shattering on the calculating...just adding and totaling but there are a lot of repeating calculations that only change lines referenced.


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April 9, 2010 at 12:40:38

Consider splitting the Workbook into two.

How you do this depends a lot on what the data is and what you need to get out of it.

For example if you have daily data that is aggregated into months and then into years, moving the month to year aggregation and top level analysis into a second workbook with links to the days to months aggregation, allows you to open only the day to month aggregation workbook to update daily information, allow it to calculate, then save and close, then open the month to year aggregation workbook - respond 'Yes' to the update links question, and then work with the Year/top level data.

As both workbooks are not open at the same time, you will likely have less than the maximum number of dependencies - and therefore fast calculations, based only on what has changed, rather than everything being recalculated.


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