alternative Outlook on Mac os X (Mojave)

October 11, 2019 at 06:48:17
Specs: Mac Mojave, 16Gig
I'm upgrading (test at this time) a Mac system from High Sierra (HS) to Mojave. Seems that Office 2011 suite (a 32 bit package) is no-longer supported above HS; Mojave is now 64bit only, and doesn't allow 32 bit applications.

Fortunately - at least thus far - Word/Excel 2011 work well enuff for me; but of course Outlook isn't - crashes galore...

Current M$-land versions ofOffice for Mac are way too expensive; and/or limited in what they may provide/allow variously - depending on which package you opt for. I'm now a typical home user - perhaps occasionally SoHo environment. So don't see reasons to go the Office365 monthly deals etc...

There are "cheap - too cheap to believe..." - downloads of Office 2019 out there; but many seem highly suspect. Indeed one on Amazon is clearly a scam as it delivers a well overused activation key - which no-longer works; as many have discovered to their costs (and have been unable to recover their money...

Were Word/Excel 2011 start to crash too then I can likely go to Libre Office or perhaps another (recommended...?) equivalent?

But what to do re 'Outllook?

I've seen many a reference to Thunderbird but no experience of it. Any thoughts, suggestions, advice re' Outlook alternative would be appreciated; likewise re' Word/Excel too - all running within Mojave. Ideally free or course - or no more than a notional donation is nice...

As always chaps, all suggestions and advice (and suitable donations to my personal BF) muchly appreciated...

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October 11, 2019 at 07:07:44
"Mojave is now 64bit only, and doesn't allow 32 bit applications."

That's not the case. Mojave is the last version of OS X that does support 32-bit applications. The latest version - Catalina - only supports 64-bit applications.

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October 11, 2019 at 07:20:06
I've spent the last two days researching this issue re' outlook 2011. I discovered that M$-land cease to support in 2017 - which really was news to me; that Apple list outlook 2011 as not supported in Mojave and there are many out there who will confirm that it doesn't work in Mojave; it simply crashes... Many of those discussions also appear to stress that Mojave is not fully 32 bit compliant - if at all...

I have version Outlook 2011 (version and the oldest version is 16. whatever which may work in Mojave.

As I say earlier - Word/Excel 2011 appear to be OK - thus far...; which may/seems to support the notion/experience of others - that Mojave is 32 bit compliant?

Fortunately I have a stable and upto date HS system so I'm OK as regards all three applications. But looking ahead... it's a different matter?

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October 11, 2019 at 07:43:11
It's certainly true that Office 2011 isn't supported in Mojave, but it's nothing to do with 32- or 64-bit. It's just old. Newer versions of the software are supported.

What about the Apple mail application?

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October 11, 2019 at 07:53:22
Understood...; and thank you.

The general flow of the assorted links/discussion I found was as I've put earlier. The main issue on them all was of course Outlook 20l1 not being OK in Mojave - whilst Word/Excel appeared to be relativelyOK. They seemed to point to the 32bit aspect as being the issue...

Any thoughts re' Thunderbird or similar; as I really don't wish to spend my remaining gold reserves on yet another M$-land Mac Office suite; if there are viable etc. alternatives about.

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