Account with full access gets read only

Microsoft Office access v.2007
June 2, 2010 at 11:39:06
Specs: Windows XP Pro, 12gb
Good evening,

I have a strange problem. The company I work for has an engineering drawing database that has 20 or so users that have Read Only access. There's only 1 user account in our AD system that has write access, and all those other 20 users have to go through someone to add changes to the database, which uses the "final" account to add.

If one of the read only accounts opens the database, of course it does what it is supposed to do...opens the drawing read only . When they open the database it pops up and lets them know, it's read only. While they have the file opened, if the "final" user (with full control) opens the database, THEY now only have read only rights. It says so at the top of Access, and they cannot make changes to the database.

This is not what we need of course, and I am at your mercy :)

Thanks in advance!

Jon Rowe

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June 2, 2010 at 12:00:59
In addition, I've unchecked the option under tools / options (for office 2007 users Office, access options, advanced) "open database by using record-level locking"

ALSO: Every time a read-only user opens the database first, again the Full Control user account is limited to Read-Only.

BUT: If we open up the database using the final account (full control) first, it immediately has full control. THEN, if we open it on another machine using a read-only will not open, saying "unable to lock file".

Confused yet?

Need help ! :)

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June 8, 2010 at 06:42:27
can anyone help with this please? We have a huge training course coming up on this access database and we need to be able to 1) open the database with multiple read only users and 2) have it open by the master "final" account that can make changes to it

Any help on this is GREATLY appreciated!

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