a Form in MS Word where the user can add data

June 3, 2015 at 08:19:44
Specs: Windows 7 Pro
I would like to create a form in MS Word, where the layout of the form stays static, but where the User can fill in fields, such as date, name... whatever.

I've tried with the instructions found at:

But, when the User types in data like their name, date and so forth, the layout changes.
As a character is added by the user, it pushes the content down the page.

How to I create a form where the User can add data but where the form remains static?

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June 3, 2015 at 13:01:49
mmmm been a while since I did that sort of thing... But have a look below for tutorials that may tell you how. It is possible to create text boxes that allow input which does not change the layout of the form. The text scrolls (and maybe wraps too) as you enter it; and usually when "read" later by clicking on the "box/field" that whole box opens for ease or reading.









Each version of Word has a slightly different approach; some of the "tools" used may not be in the same place for each version; you may have to search around the version of Word you have to find something (a tool/option etc.) clearly obvious in another... Likewise some versions may allow somethings another doesn't.

The above links cover most flavours of Word to whatever degree; and likely can be are modified to your version of Wod, if not specific to your version.

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