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September 10, 2012 at 04:16:51
Specs: Windows 7

I am currently playing Football manager 2011 with a friend via a network game. The game will work perfectly if I connect my Laptop to the modem directly and bypass the Wireless. However if I try to play the game while connected to the wireless then my friend is unable to connect to the game. This is becoming an issue as for me to be able to play the game I have to turn the wireless off which is getting on the nerves of other family members.

Any help would be greatly appreciated


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September 10, 2012 at 06:22:58
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First off, I wouldn't use wireless for gaming. A wired connection will always perform better.

Second, I'm guessing you run the game in host mode and your friend connects to you? If this is correct, you would have to create a port forward on your SOHO router. To do so you would need the LAN IP of the computer running the game and you would also need to know what port the game runs on.

Then you would connect to the router's management interface and find the "port forward" section and you would create a port forward. If for example the game uses port 9900 in TCP and the PC running the game had the LAN IP of you would do something like the following:

Forward port 9900 TCP to

Configuration of port forwards varies with dfferent brands of routers but that's the basic idea.

Once done correctly, you would go to "what's my IP" and get your external (internal) IP address and your friend would use that IP to connect to your game. Your router's port forward would automatically redirect that connection to your game.

Then, your family members could still use the internet while you gamed. Oh, it would be my recommendation to use a wired connection yourself when gaming, especially if your running the game in host (server) mode.

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