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wireless frequently disconnecting

September 8, 2010 at 16:41:51
Specs: Windows XP
Hi. Just recently my laptop has started disconnecting from the wireless network connection frequently. When my computer is first booted up, i can be online for 30mins- 1 hour before a bubble apears on the right hand corner panel on the wireless icon saying the laptop is connected to the wireless network, within just a few minutes another bubble apears saying the laptop is connected but says unsecured in brackets, then just minutes after this the bubble apears stating 'unable to connect to preferred wireless network'.

By clicking the wireless icon, i can reconnect to my network within seconds with no problems, but within 10 or so minutes the same thing happens over and over again, and is frustrating. anyone know what may be causing this?

im not very computer savvy so any replys please put them in simple terms. thanks

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September 9, 2010 at 05:26:22
Do you know anybody who is computer savvy? If yes, offer to feed them dinner if they'll come over and take a crack at fixing your wireless connection. I say this because for a friend, I'll often fix something computer related for them if they feed me. I won't charge a friend for something small and relatively simple....but it's always a nice gesture on their part to offer (which is when I'll say, "Forget $$$, just feed me")

It's terribly hard to help people who aren't computer savvy because I can't walk you through the steps through posting in here.

If you don't know anybody, then here's what to try:

1) Ensure you have the most up-to-date drivers for the wireless interface on your laptop.

2) if #1 doesn't fix your issue, click on my name in my response above and read my "how-to" guide on "troubleshooting wireless issues"

If none of the above helps, then you may want to take it in to a qualified professional and have them look at it. Just a heads-up for you. When I say qualified professional I don't mean the tech at an "electronics store". If you must take your unit it first see if it's covered by warranty. If it is, take it where they tell you to. If it's not, find a Computer Store.

A computer store, unlike an electronics store, sells only computers and computer related items. They're more likely to be smaller, family owned and have better technicians. Also, they're less likely to jerk you around. Before comitting, talk to people and find out who they deal with and compare notes.

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