Wireless dropping out multiple times in a minute.

Dell / Inspiron 1011
April 27, 2012 at 13:29:30
Specs: Windows XP, 1.596 GHz / 1014 MB
Last year, I had problems with a Sky Sagem router, and after a week or 2 of struggles, I managed to fix it on a fluke. However, those problems have come back. When I first switch on my laptop, everything's working for around 5 minutes, maybe slightly less. However, after this, I lose connection for maybe 2 or 3 seconds at a time, which may sound like nothing, but it soon builds up! This happens every minute or 2. I've tried changing the channel, checking the microfilter, rebooting.. Rebooting tends to work but only for a similar 5 minutes as to what I mentioned before. I originally thought that this was an issue for both my laptop and a desktop computer, but after double checking today, the desktop is working just fine. I'd appreciate any tips, as I'm at my wits end, and would definitely prefer not to have to pay for an engineer to come out over something that could potentially be nothing!
Thanks in advance (I hope)!

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April 28, 2012 at 08:26:35
Routers supplied free by an ISP tend to be cheap and unreliable (with the exception of the excellent Home Hub 3 supplied to BT Broadband customers, at last they got it made properly). The free ones are built as cheaply as possible of course because you aren't paying anything for it, so it's hardly surprising that their performance & reliability leaves much to be desired. One of the classic causes of dropped connections on the cheap ISP-supplied free routers is/was overheating unless you went online only occasionally with it.

BTs free routers used to be like that, and when I had one of those i replaced it with a much better made router from PC World. Even though I had to pay for it, at least I had a rock-solid connection. I suggest you do the same.

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