Solved Windows SBS 2008 networking issues

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August 27, 2011 at 00:33:52
Specs: Windows 7, 3.601 GHz / 8175 MB

I'm new to Windows Server OS so I'm giving SBS 2008 a try. I live with some roommates and wanted to try out all sbs 2008 features I could get my hands on.
I've got some trouble trying to set it up though. I was able to install the whole package and followed some instructions from a book I bought (Microsoft Windows Small Business Server 2011 Administrators Companion) and was able to get a grip of the subject and it's benefits.

My problem is that I know very little about networking. I can't use the http://connect/ feature on a workstation (laptop) although I was able to ping the server from it.

Right now, my router (ISP) came with a default gateway and is connected to a 8 port switch which is connected to every single computer of the network through cable. The server's IP is

My TCP/IP v4 configuration on the server is:

On the workstation i got:
DNS: None

I'm guessing the problem is that configuration, I'd appreciate if someone could point the exact issue.
On the other hand do I have to have 2 NICs on the server? 1 connected to the ISP router and the other one to the switch to be able to connect the workstations? or can it work this way. I wouldn't like to use the server as an Internet gateway because I wouldn't like to cut off the whole internet access in case it malfunctions or in case I want to do some changes.

Thanks in advance.
Regards, Miya.

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August 27, 2011 at 04:35:46
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If you do not want to use your "server" as the internet server for the "Client" systems in your network then the router should be providing DHCP for those clients and it's IP should appear as gateway & DNS in each of those units.Your server should also use the router for DNS rather than itself. is a machine's internal self-address.

From the look of things you are manually configuring the workstations rather than auto-detecting.

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August 27, 2011 at 10:07:04
Going to give it a try, will have the sbs 2008 ip configuration as any other of the workstations.

>> From the look of things you are manually configuring the workstations rather than auto-detecting.

Do you mean DHCP?

EDIT: Worked by changing the DNS configuration on each workstation to the server 's static IP address

Appreciate your time, thank you very much!

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