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Netgear Wgr614 wireless broadband router
May 25, 2010 at 19:03:45
Specs: Windows XP
So i share internet with my neighbor but i still cant get it in my room, and im paying $10 a month but still i cant get a good connection what im trying to do is since i have an extra wifi router laying around is use laptop A for the wifi next door and use the ethernet cable on it to connect to my router, and then use laptop B to connect to my router and get internet from laptop A if that makes sense, but i cant assign the right values to make it so that i can have laptop As ip as and still have the router assign an ip for laptop B

any help with this would be greatly appreciated

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May 26, 2010 at 07:26:20
If you have two wireless routers capable of "bridge mode" then bridge your wireless network between them. With the second router in your bedroom, you'd have excellent signal strength in there.

This may be a stupid question but exactly how are you sharing your wireless network with your neighbor through a laptop? Why isn't your neighbor just connecting to your wireless network?

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May 26, 2010 at 09:56:23
No, doesn't make ANY sense to me Devin (ha ha).

- WHAT type of wireless are you using? Is it 3G/4G Wireless, or wireless through an 802.11 type wireless router connected to a DSL or Cable modem?

- What type of router? Model number?

- What is the ISP? Cable/DSL?

- How far away are the houses?

- I see an ICS tag on your post, are you using ICS (Internet Connection sharing)?

- Do you have wireless phones? What type & what band are they using (900 Mhz, 2.4 Ghz, 5.8 Ghz?). They can interfere w/ WiFi routers if they are on the same band.

- What are the PCs connecting to all this? makes, models, OS versions? Are the systems healthy, do you have AV installed?

Sorry about the details - ya either live by 'em, or die by 'em....

Just another stupid saying...

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May 27, 2010 at 01:18:10
Its my neighbors internet, its secure and they give me the password for $10 a month, its the house right next door ... they have cable, i was trying to get it so i could one of the laptops up to their wifi, and run an ethernet cable from the first laptop into my router and connect to my wifi ( using their internet ) on my other laptop... i was trying to use ICS to share it like that, but with no luck maybe i was just doin it wrong.. no wireless phones here or there we all have cellphones..
my laptops both run xp and their comps have xp as well

my router Netgear wgr614v7
neighbors router Linksys wrt54g

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May 27, 2010 at 09:18:29
Oh, that's a bit to convoluted. ICS was really a
Windows 98 tool before all the cheap home networking hardware
really took off in the marketplace. It's more of a p.i.t.a. than its

Just use their WiFi with wireless cards in any PCs/laptops that
you want to connect to THEIR WiFi. Wireless cards are cheap
these days. You can get recertified (gently used) devices pretty
cheap from

Just another stupid saying...

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May 28, 2010 at 17:45:00
Your neighbor obviously has mac filtering or some other limitation on their wireless router otherwise you would simply be able to connect your second laptop to it wirelessly using the password they provided you for the first laptop.

In your first laptop what IP address are you assigned and what is the gateway IP of the router?

It is common for routers to use as their default address. If this is the case you cannot enable ICS in your laptop as windows ICS is tied to using that same IP for the LAN card of the ICS host machine.

Would cause an IP conflict.

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