wifi bluray player won't show pics or videos, laptop has lag

December 16, 2011 at 08:29:06
Specs: Windows Vista, 1.5GHz/1.0 GB
My wifi bluray player can play music from my ReadyNAS device but when trying to play videos or display pics it says there are no playable files. Also, my laptop can play media files wirelessly from a remote pc but shows excruciating lag with media files residing in a NAS device. The following points illustrate my observations.
o My network is setup as follows:
 1 desktop (VaioPC) hardwired to router
 1 laptop (GW) connected wirelessly to router
 1 ReadyNAS Duo RND 2110 (ReadyNAS) hardwired to router
 1 printer hardwired to router
 1 Sony BDP-S580 (Blu-ray player) connected wirelessly to router
o I have downloaded all my media into the ReadyNAS device with the objective of accessing from any other connected computer to the LAN
o All components seem to talk to each other since I have sent/received files from all computers and the ReadyNAS (henceforth “the LAN terminals.”) and all LAN terminals show in My Network. (see Picture 1)
 Pic 1
o The operating systems in use for the two computers are:
 Windows XP for the VaioPC
 Windows Vista for the GW
o Web Browser used in all computers is Mozilla Firefox v3.6.24
o VaioPC observations:
 Accessed ReadyNAS configuration tool Frontview through web interface by clicking on networked terminal logo (NTL) labeled ReadyNAS or ReadyNAS Duo
• Error encountered copying data from remote source path //vaiopc/juan eduardo ==> /backup/ due to permission denial on one or more files. [Job 002]
• Same thing said for //gw/users
 D-Link router observations using web interface configuration tool
Device IP MAC
ReadyNAS c0-3f-0e-ba-08-44
GW 00-1b-77-21-95-e3
Blu-ray 00-a0-96-94-a5-17
VaioPC 00-0e-a6-ab-1a-7d

 My network places
• Double-clicking on ReadyNAS or ReadyNAS Duo NTL opens up a web browser window for ReadyNAS web interface Frontview configuration tool
• Double-clicking on Blu-Ray opens up a web browser window with blu-ray’s IP address and port 52323 (see pic v2)
• Double-clicking is set to invoke command
• Some of the hard disk drive (HDD) logos are labeled with previous names that are no longer used (see pic v1) yet they point correctly to the new destination and WE brings up the destination path. However, when I try to navigate back to Network places, WE crashes (process stops responding and has to restart.) If I close the WE window and try to launch My Network Places from the Start Menu, it does not come up.
• Called up RAIDar software tool (came with ReadyNAS device) and clicked Browse and WE window came up right away (see pic v3) but My Network Places from Start still won’t come up
o Successfully played *.mp3 using Windows Media
o Successfully played *.jpg using Windows Picture and Fax viewer
o Successfully played *.mpg video using Windows Media
o The blu-ray player can’t seem to display websites or youtube videos requiring Adobe Flash. I was surprised at the fact that I could play Justin Bieber videos uploaded by youtube user JustinBieberVEVO in any computer but not on the Blu-ray player’s internet connection. The videos by JustinBieberVEVO would not be listed in the YouTube app that comes with the Blu-ray player.
o GW observations:
 Kaspersky antivirus was disabled
 Attempted to access files in ReadyNAS
• Unsuccessful when trying to play *.mpg video in the ReadyNAS
o Explorer window would hang, note the Not responding on top.

If you need to access the screenshot reference pics 1-5 and v1-v5, I will be glad to email them to you.

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December 20, 2011 at 18:53:14
I see no one bothered to post a reply. For those who might encounter a similar problem, it seems that when ReadyDLNA streaming service is set on the ReadyNAS, it rescans all media files. Wirelessly accessing media files while the rescan was occurring seem to create great lag in the network. Although I cannot confirm my findings, this seems to be the case b/c the ReadyNAS log shows that I successfully accessed media files wirelessly only when the ReadyDLNA rescan had completed.

Regarding the Bluray player not being able to list youtube videos with Flash, my niece can live w/o Justin Bieber for once!

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