Why is NovaCore SDK (Nvtl Service) on my PC?

Novatel / Novacore sdk service
December 4, 2010 at 14:15:24
Specs: Win XP SP2, pentium, 1800hz, 25
Why is "NovaCore SDK Service (NvtlService)" running on my machine? Who is Novatel? What is a "NovaCore application"? Why do I need a "core software development kit" running on a stand alone user machine?

Why is file NvtlSdk.dll Novacore SDK NvtlSdk on my machine in a folder "C:\Program Files\Novatel Wireless\Novacore\Server"

The Service is listed as "Provides support for 3rd party developers of NovaCore applications." I am not a 3rd party developer of anything. WTH is this on my machine for?

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December 4, 2010 at 19:30:25
why are you concerned? You don't mention that.

Having programs on your machine is a complicated affair. You may install one but it installls others to help it.

If you google novacore what comes up? Lots of helps available. Let us know.

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December 5, 2010 at 00:58:36
1. I do not like programs that install other programs; I read service agreements and make individual and informed decisions about what programs are to be installed on my computer, and deny authorization to install many.

2. This is an SDK facility, I have no need of SDK facilities, I do not do SD.

3. This facility is apparently a server associated facility. I do not permit ANY program on my machines to act as servers save for the MyNetWatchman client and a single instance of an optimization proxy.

I want to know how to uninstall this program safely, or if I should not do that, why I should not do that.

I want to know why it was installed and by what action I took or program I permitted to install it. (It seems likely it was Sprint Wireless Broadband associated, but I've been unable to get that confirmed.)

Thanks for all your help.

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