Why can't Buffalo Web Access for Windows find my NAS

March 22, 2016 at 14:48:26
Specs: Windows 10, Core i7 / 8 GB
I'm running a Buffalo LinkStation 220 NAS and want to access it from a remote location over the Internet using Buffalo's Web Access application for Windows. I have no problem reaching the NAS through a web browser, and the Web Access iPhone app works as well. However, I want to use the Web Access app on my Windows 10 desktop machines so that I'll have read/write access and folder management capabilities. For whatever reason, the app says it cannot communicate with the NAS. I am at a loss. There's no proxy blocking access, and I've typed and retyped the username and password to no avail. The only alternative I can think of is to run an FTP on the NAS, which will require a static IP.

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March 22, 2016 at 16:40:31
Is that Win 10 desktop in the local/home network of you NAS? Check if SSL/TLS are checked in the browser. Use IE or Forefox/chrome instead of EDGE browser.

FTP (and TELNET) is an unsecure protocol. Avoid it for communication over internet.
Use SFTP or SSH if needed for remote access. This will require port forward from your router to the NAS.

If your public IP is changing regularly (dynamic) find a DDNS service and check if your router supports DDNS. There are free DDNS services available although for a small fee you can get professional DDNS service and more.

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March 23, 2016 at 12:00:37
The Win 10 desktop is at a different location from the NAS. I want to access the NAS over the Internet.

The Web Access app uses Buffalo's DDNS service. I have SSL turned on (it is built into the Web Access settings on the NAS) and the router forwards a port to the NAS. It works fine using a secure https:// connection from any web browser. It also works fine using Buffalo's iPhone app. The problem is that I want to treat the NAS like a mapped drive on the Win 10 desktop, so that I can have easy read/write access, drag and drop capabilities, etc. In order to do that, I need to get Web Access working on Windows. Every time I try to connect, the Web Access program says it cannot communicate with the NAS.

I don't think the dynamic IP at the NAS location is the problem, b/c again the browser and iPhone never fail to connect, and the handshaking takes place at Buffalo's end before the connection is established.

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