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Which is FAST Straight Through or Cross Over?

D-link Xtreme n dir-655 gigabit router
July 18, 2011 at 06:21:44
Specs: Windows XP, Inter (R) Celeron (R) / 2048 MB RAM
Hi there,

I worked as an attendant in an Internet Cafe here in my place. My problem is that, sometimes me and my customers experienced "laggy time" when playing LAN GAMES like Warcraft-DOTA and Counter Strike.

I am thinking that my it is on the passing of the data of the cable or maybe the hub/router choke up in delivering the data. That was only my conclusion. I am not an expert in networking, please help me.

Anyway, here is my current LAN settings in the Internet Cafe.

Modem --> "Straight Through" --> Router --> "Straight Through" Hub --> "Straight Through" --> Client PC's.

I used the PC who has the timer software which was connected Straight towards the router where the Hub is also connected. I used the Straight Through Cabling Technique. Is LAN settings are correct?

I need your advice regarding this issue.

- Felix

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July 18, 2011 at 07:30:23
Straight through and crossover are the same if properly made. If you don't make a 1000 Mbps crossover correctly (ie: cross all 4 pairs instead of just the green/orange) then it will only do 100 Mbps maximum.

In your explanation you have the following:

"Straight Through" Hub

If you're actually using a hub, then that would be the problem. Hub's broadcast all data to all ports, switches intelligently send it to only the port(s) it's supposed to go to. If a bunch of people are connected to a hub and gaming at the same time, this would cause "broadcast storms" which would slow things down a lot.

If you're using a hub and not a switch, I highly recommend replacing that hub with a switch.

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