Webstar DPX2203 works w/Vista but not XP

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August 15, 2009 at 10:26:49
Specs: Windows XP Media Center SP3, 3.20GHz CPU/1.0GB RAM
We've used earthlink for years through Time Warner Cable. Just added HDTV & VOIP so they changed to a Webstar DPX2203 modem. The modem is plugged into a Linksys-G WRT54G router (the router was unchanged). Now, when using our Vista computers, the internet works fine, download and upload speeds are normal using both Firefox 3.0.11 and IE-7. When using our XP computers (Media Center SP3), there is a 10 second consistent delay when attempting to open any webpage using either Firefox 3.0.11, the new Firefox 3.5, or IE-7. The same delay occurs whether ethernet hardwired directly into the Webstar modem, hardwired to the Linksys router, or using the Linksys wireless. Downloads on the XP computers are terrible -- 10 min. for a 10Mb file. No problems on the Vista machine. TW can't find any problems and we have to wait until Wed for a tech. Any suggestions?

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August 16, 2009 at 05:44:51
That modem may have a web interface similar to a router where changes can be made. If not TCPOptimizer from speedguide.net works great on XP boxes.

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