Wakeup On LAN

Gigabyte / P35c-ds3r
March 10, 2010 at 06:24:23
Specs: Microsoft Windows XP Professional, 3 GHz / 3582 MB
Hello everyone,

Yesterday i setup my computer to Wakeup on Lan. I went into my bios (GA-P35c DS3R) and i enabled the following

Wakeup on Ring
Wakeup on PME

i didnt have Wakup on Lan so under device manager i located my adaoptor and under it power management properties i enabled, "allow this device to wake up machine" something along those lines.

Now using my iphone i am able to wake my machine (i know its sad, but i have a need for this function.)

problem is that during the night, about an hour after i turned off my machine, it started up by itself.

Heres the issue, i didnt have my iphone connected to WIFI so i know i didnt send the instruction for it to turn on.

Here is how my network is setup currently.

I have a Thompson tg585v7 wireless/wired router. My pc is directly connect to the router via an ethernet cable. The router then feeds a switch, this switch is connected to another PC (Vista) in another room, another pc (XP) in another room and my Xbox 360 in my room.

the switch and router were the only devices at that time that were switched on all computers were turned off (not standby) and the xbox was off.

So what could have caused my pc to turn on?

Do i really need to have Wakeup on Ring and PEM enabled for Wakeup on LAN to work?

im not very knowledgable on networking but am learning, so any advice or suggestions would be much appreciated.



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March 10, 2010 at 07:11:40
I suggest you google Wakeup on PME yourself and just read through a few links. You may just find the answer you need. I would also google Wakeup on Ring and compare. It could be all you have to do is disable one or the other.

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March 11, 2010 at 02:23:33
Hi Curt,

I had previously googled both Wakeup on Ring/PME. But as suggested i went back and done some more research, well it turns out that i did not need RING enabled as this seems to be for computers that are in sleep, hibernation or soft off state. I wanted to be able to turn on the computer from a complete shutdown.

I read up on wake on PME and this seemed to be the feature i required. i disabled RING and kept PME enabled and now i am able to wake my machine usiing my iphone.

additionally the computer does not wake by itself as it did previously.

Awesome problem solved. Thanks for your help.


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