Solved Wait until 802.11ac standards is adopted before buy router?

July 5, 2012 at 14:52:23
Specs: Macintosh

I am thinking of putting Wifi in our house, and I figure if I am going to do that then I should set it up the fastest I could get it.

Lots of wireless routers out there, so I started doing some research and found that 802.11n is currently the latest, but 802.11ac will be much faster.

Here is where I am confused, the 802.11ac standard won’t be issued till early 2013, yet I am seeing 802.11ac products like the Buffalo AirStation and NETGEAR R6300 on the market claiming they are 802.11ac – even though they can’t be ‘Wi-Fi CERTIFIED’ since the 11ac standard isn’t finalized yet.

Some of the reviews of these first 802.11ac product mention that they are based on a first draft of the 802.11ac spec, and might have some performance issues with products that are based on the final 802.11ac spec

From what I read, the ‘Wi-Fi CERTIFIED’ certification makes sure that the devices will be fully compatible and function correctly with other 11ac products. The Buffalo and Netgear don’t have the Wi-Fi Certification.

I feel it is best to wait on 802.11ac, since I have waited this long, another 6 month shouldn’t kill me.

Am I crazy for wanting to wait till early next year to buy an 802.11ac router?

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July 5, 2012 at 15:09:52
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I wouldn't bother waiting, 802.11n is still fast, 802.11ac probably won't reach its potential until a few years from now.

Plus the networking card / wireless card in you comp might bottleneck the speed of the network anyway, depending on which ones you got (network devices).

I am a hardware guy not a software guy but i try to help.

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July 5, 2012 at 19:45:01
And in addition it's most likely, that it's not that reliable and stable, even as the first 802.11n were.
This may caused by the first routers as well as by the first wireless network cards coming with 802.11ac.

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