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VPN to Work & Home networks simultaneously

Netgear Dg834g wireless router
April 12, 2011 at 03:32:05
Specs: Windows 7 home pro, Intel/8GB

I have a standard Netgear DG 834G wired modem/router sorting out my internet access. I run a home network with computers connected both through cat 5 cables and also wireless. The main desktop on this system is Windows 7 home pro, and there are also XP machines on it - I've fathomed out how to make this hotchpotch 'talk to each other'.

I also regularly work from home on the works portable PC (XP machine) also plugged in via cat 5 directly to my Netgear box and connected to the works server via a VPN link. However, all my printers are connected to the home network in one way or another and there are times when its useful to view a document on one machine and type on the other to save lots of printing. At the moment I either have to use a USB stick and copy the files to it, or email the documents to a home email address in order to view the files from the works portable on one of the home machines or to use one of the home-network printers.

Is there a way I can connect via the VPN to the works server and at the SAME TIME connect to the home-network as at the moment I can't see how this could be done - is it possible please?

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April 12, 2011 at 13:26:47
You should discuss this with the work network administrator.

If you did this you would be compromizing the work servers security since you would be opening a unsecure connection to the work network.

You would be fired in my company for doing so.

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