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Very slow internet suddenly (not a virus)

September 15, 2010 at 15:33:54
Specs: Windows XP

my internet is suddenly extremely slow and acting very weird. First off, let me tell you it's not a virus for sure, so don't speculate a virus please (I just know it, and I did a scan with no results), I think more it's in the registry or some settings somewhere, but let me explain you everything:

I was downloading Starcraft II online the other day (the legal client on the site) and I wanted it to go faster and installed some program called Download Accelerator Plus. I didn't like the look of it so I decided to uninstall it immediately, but since then, my internet is ridiculously slow.

Examples of how my internet is suddenly slow: on Ventrilo (program to speak with microphone with others), the others can only suddenly hear some bits of what I'm saying, and they hear it about 4 minutes after I said it (yeah, 4 minutes, we timed it). I had a ping of like 24000+ on Ventrilo. We also played the new Worms game and there was also huge lag and delay because of me (the game finally stopped prematurely because of the lag), and on Modern Warfare 2, when they pick me as the host, the others start to lag horribly (lag like I never seen before), but strangely, I can play fine without delay or lagging. My general Internet is also much slower suddenly (a page of Youtube takes easily 20 times more time to load than before).

Please, if anyone can help me! This is desperate.

Note: again, I'm absolutely sure it's not a virus, please don't ask me to scan for viruses, I'm actually thinking the problem is somewhere deep in my Internet settings or in my registry. Maybe this Download Accelerator Plus messed up something while uninstalling. The weird thing is that my Internet is ridiculously slow in general but still, I can play some online games just fine (some, as I said).


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September 15, 2010 at 17:55:16
If you think it's a registry setting & not a virus, then download TCPOptimizer from

Make the changes that it suggests.

BTW, what did you use to scan for viruses?

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