Using a dual-band router as an access point?

March 29, 2011 at 09:27:13
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I'm networking a clients home and he specifically wants dual-band wifi through-out. Now he has a fairly large 3 story house, and wanted to place an access point on the top floor to be assured he'll have strong and reliable signal. He's going to have multiple TV's wired into the network, as well as computers, laptops, phones, a Xbox 360 and a PS3. Were using Gigabit switches and a D-link Simultaneous Dual-band Gigabit router.

The modem, router, and main 16 port switch will be in his basement in a semi-server room. He currently has 12 lines run throughout his house, 3 to the top floor, 5 to the main floor, and the ability to lay some in the basement if he needs. The 16port switch will plug into the router, I'm also putting an 8 port into the router from the main and top floor. The remaining lines will plug into the switch in the basement. On the top floor I was going to install an AP or Router turned into an AP into the 8port switch.

Now the only reason I am considering using a router instead of just getting an AP, is that neither of us can find a simultaneous Dual-band AP. It seems the only simultaneous DB out there is in routers. So, my question is, will I be able to easily use a router as an AP AND get simultaneous Dual-band out of it if I do so? Is there a Simultaneous Dual-band AP on the market that would a better investment? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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March 29, 2011 at 09:47:29
"fairly large 3 story house, and wanted to place an access point on the top floor"

Bad idea. You have to be aware of the cone of silence. Imagine the signal coming out of your antenna in a triangle shape like a flash light. Just under that signal is a cone shape where the signal does not reach. The higher you make the antenna the bigger the cone. What you need is a directional antenna that is on the top floor pointing directly down to prevent this.

The best solution is multiple Wireless Access Points (WAP) on each floor ad put them in bridge mode. This will give you the best coverage.

I also suggest you get signal testing software to find the dead spots in the house. It will also show your 5 GHz signals as well as the 2.5 GHz...

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