Using 2 NIC adapters in one computer

January 23, 2010 at 00:43:46
Specs: Windows XP

I want to use one NIC for internet and the other for files and printers

I have Comcast hooked up to my Netgear router at attached to my netgear switch on my machine at

I have a DSL Modem/Router hooked up to a Linksys USB adapter at on my machine at

I want the machine to use the DSL for internet (the Comcast serves internet to all the other computers in the home)

When I unplug the cable to the switch (Netgear router machine IP: the machine uses the DSL (DSL Modem/Router at IP:

But whenever I plug in the cable it defaults to the Comcast connection on my netgear router IP:

The plan was to just block all ports on the Netgear for that machine but then the machine still tries to use it just sitting there

I tried switching the cables (making the DSL use the interal NIC and the Comcast use the USB) but it still defaults to the Comcast

I figured there was "preferred network adapter" and switching them would work, but not so

This is my daughters machine and she needs access to the network printers and family network storage BUT I want she on her own internet connection

I feel kinda dumb right now because I should be able to figure this out myself but I am getting older and more tired :)

Any help would be greatly appreciated



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January 23, 2010 at 06:00:19
You can control which ISP your PC uses by way of your Default Gateway IP address.

On the connection you do not want to access the internet (ie: LAN access only) remove the gateway IP. As long as you have the proper gateway IP on the other connection, your internet will flow through there.

So according to your setup, on the Comcast connection, simply remove the Default Gateway IP from your TCP/IP settings.

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January 23, 2010 at 08:00:19

If I remove the "gateway IP" for the router that Comcast is running on ( then her machine does not know where the network shares are, and the internet still does not work it just sits there, then gives the "page not found" error

(so even if I turn on IPX/SPX for the network shares her machine still wont use the other connection for internet unless I unplug the first connection)



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January 23, 2010 at 14:28:31
You also have an odd setup.

I might suggest a 192.168.1.x (subnet and move out of that subnet for the other lan. 192.168.2.x same subnet.

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