Use WinXP Pro desktop as DHCP server

August 12, 2009 at 14:44:27
Specs: WinXP Professional, Intel PIV 2.4GHz
I want to set up my main machine - a WinXP Pro SP2 desktop - as a gateway and DHCP server for my LAN. The desktop has two ethernet adapters set up - a wired adapter, and a usb wireless adapter. The wireless adapter connects to the DSL modem/router, using a static IP. The gateway and DNS server for the wireless adapter are set to the DSL router's LAN IP address (ie, Specifically, the wireless adapter is set with the following settings:
IP -
Gateway -

I want to set up a bunch of linux desktops on a second lan, using the WinXP machine as the gateway. I need to do things this way because the DSL router is across the apartment, and in order to hook up the linux desktops directly to the DSL router, I would have to run cable across the apartment. My roommate doesn't want me to do that, so I want to use the wired adapter on the WinXP machine as the gateway to my LAN.

I tried using TFTPD32 since it has a DHCP server, but I couldn't get it to work. Here's what I tried: 1) I set the wired adapter to use a static IP of, with the gateway and DNS set to 2) I installed TFTPD32 and set it with the following settings:

Server Interface:
Router address:
DNS/WINS server:
Bind DHCP to address:

I then connected the wired adapter to a hub, and another WinXP Pro laptop to the hub as well. I booted up the laptop, and the wired adapter on the laptop was able to connect and get an IP address. It had the gateway set to, and the DNS server set to The problem was that I then couldn't surf the internet. I could ping localhost on the laptop, and, but I couldn't ping, nor, or anything outside of that.

Any ideas on what I did wrong? Or any suggestions on how I can set my WinXP Pro desktop as a DHCP server and gateway? Thanks.

God bless

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August 12, 2009 at 14:53:54

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August 12, 2009 at 21:00:06
Thanks for the software suggestion; my only question then is what do I set as the IP, gateway and DNS for the wired adapter on the WinXP Pro desktop? I understand how the proxy server will work, where the linux machines will connect through the hub to the wired adapter on the winxp machine, and attempt to get a dynamic IP from the DSL router through the proxy server. But my wired adapter on the winxp machine would still need an IP address. Thanks.

God bless

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