Solved Two Servers, two desktops, two routers, one switch, need to

November 1, 2012 at 10:12:42
Specs: Windows 7

We have the following equipment:

Dell Server running Server 2008 Enterprise, hosting Active Directory
Dell Server running Server 2003 Enterprise, part of Active Directory
Dell Optiplex GX620 Running Windows 7
Dell Optiplex GX620 Running Windows XP
Two SonicWall TZ100 routers
One Cisco switch

Our goal is to have both servers on one router, and both desktops on the other router to be connected via the switch. We have a second switch so we can simulate having two outgoing connections to the internet when we really only have one.

We need to be able to connect both servers and both desktops to the internet, as well as share specified files via the network as well. We are able to log in with our domain usernames and passwords on all PCs on the domain, but only the desktops are able to see each other. The servers cannot see each other and the desktops are unable to see the servers, and the servers are unable to see the desktops. The folder we are trying to share is on the server running Server 2003. This needs to be through a VPN.


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November 1, 2012 at 12:07:10
You don't run a vpn over a lan so this aspect is unclear.

simplist solution is to do a static ip assignment to all devices which puts them all in the same subnet. you decide which device uses which gateway.

if you are trying to simulate two separate sites consider putting a site to site vpn in between the two sonicwalls.

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December 18, 2012 at 06:51:44
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In this scenario only one router is enough and two switches would be adopted to make all hosts communicate smoothly. The only work you will do is IP convention adoption and subnet configuration that works.

NOTE: There is no need to purchase new switch with number hosts mentioned.

1. Connect WAN cable to the WAN port of your router and configure it for Internet connection and desired Group C LAN IP should be adopted( Meaning static IP would be in place). Example: and Subnet:

2. Connect two Ethernet cables to LAN/Ethernet ports the first configure router( meant to host both WAN and LAN control) them connect the other end to the other router(meant for LAN due to devices in house), then configure it(new router introduced to hold LAN) LAN after logging in through browser when directly connected to a PC with another LAN port, then give it the same LAN IP convention meeting the first configured router(meant to host WAN and LAN) but with third set of digit different. Example: and subnet: Then type of network adopt depend on you here, either DHCP or static.
NOTE: If DHCP is adopted resources should not be on the sub-network and remember host connected here would have it LAN set to Obtain an IP automatically. Meaning it changes any time the concerned PC is shutdown or rebooted.

3. At the other sub-network where we have switch installed. Meaning connecting one of the Ethernet cables that came from the first installed router for both WAN and LAN controls to this switch and connect all PCs involved on this sub-network to the switch and give then IP address in line with the first convention. Example: and next 2 ... and subnet:

Now, all PC connected to this network should be having a default Gateway of the first installed router IP address: (To enable hosts to source for internet).

For PCs to source for other shared resources over the network, the PC with resources should be mapped on the network after the resources are shared.

Shared folder: The folder should be shared on Dell Server running Server 2003 Enterprise, part of Active Directory and you note the IP address on this server, then you map path to this host over the network. Lets assume this host IP is then you will go to other PCs on the network and type \\ in RUN if seen then open the folder\drive and copy it address, then go to my computer of PCs running XP and server 2003 and click tools-> map network drive then select drive letter of your choice and paste map path address and click ok. A net drive reside on the PC, then you can create a shortcut.

To test copy a file into the network drive on any of the network PC and go to another one to check if the network drive is configured on it.


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