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Turn On Wireless Capability On Advent Monza T100 Laptop

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my wireless connection is turned off and I cannot connect to internet without plugging ethernet into laptop


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  1. Presumably your router’s wifi is set to on etc.?

    What make/model router de you have?

    On your Monza T100 there is wee indicator light near the right bottom corner of the display/top right corner of keyboard panel? Likely blue (I think) if wifi not working…? Is it also – per chance a toggle/press button – which switches wifi on/off locally (enables/disable wifi network connection)?

    And on the system tray – bottom right corner is there any icon relating to wifi? If so – right click on it and see what the options are? One of them may be to enable/switch wifi on? But possibly in your windows 8 configuration (for the desktop etc.) you won’t have a system tray? I haven’t really played with win 8 so a little vague there.

    However this link may help take you through the whole enable wifi routine?…

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