Trendnet webcam IP address question

Trendnet Tv-ip110 network camera
December 5, 2009 at 18:23:39
Specs: Windows XP
Hello friends,

I have a problem going on which I can't seem to resolve.

Here is the issue:

I bought a webcam Trendnet TV-IP110 camera. I want to set it up so I can use it from any computer, anywhere.
My understanding is that I should be able to type an IP address with :port and access my camera from anywhere.

Here is my first problem:
I don't have a static IP address, so I did setup an free account with
I did setup a Hostname, service 'host with ip address' . I filled in the IP address which was the auto detected IP.
I don't understand, since I have a dynamic IP address and it changes, how can this service help me?

Here is my network information

I have a Trendnet DSL modem TDM C400
* I did create a NAT rule
* Flavor RDR
* Protocal ANY
* Local ip address from and to as (this is the local IP address for my IP Camera)* Global IP address from and to: (local IP address for my DLS Router).
* Destination port from and to: 8077
* Local port to: 0
Did press commit and reboot and did reboot the modem.

Question was I suppose to fill in the public IP address in 'Global IP' ?
If so, I have a dynamic IP address so how would that work?

Next I have a router connected to my Trendnet modem. It's the Belkin f5d7234-4.
In the Belkin menu I did go to 'Virtual server' and entered the port number 8077 in 'inbound port' and 'private port'.
I did enter the ip address of the camera under 'Private ip address' as I did also check the 'enable' box.

Then I went to 'System settings' and at the feature 'remote management' I checked the option 'any ip address can remotely mangage the router'. Then I entered the 'remote access port' to 8077. Then I restarted the router and it saved the options.

The IP camera TV-IP110 setup:
Network settings:
DHCP is selected
DDNS settings is enabled and the correct info is entered for
UpNp is enabled
Port number is set to 8077.

This is my setup. Yet when I go to my dyndns account and click on the website I setup it doesn't find the server. If I type in the dynamic IP address http://IP:8077/ I actually get a log in screen. When I log in i have access to my DSL modem, not to my camera!

My guess is that something is not correct in the settings for the port forwarding.
Also I am confused about the dynamic IP address I entered at

The TCP/IP adapter settings are on 'obtian automatic'.

I would appriciate any help if you see any issue which I did not setup correctly, so I can use my camera from anywhere.

Thanks so much!


PS the ip camera works great on the local area network. When I type it pulls up.

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December 5, 2009 at 18:46:32
* Local ip address from and to as (this is the local IP address for my IP Camera)* Global IP address from and to: (local IP address for my DLS Router).

I would think that the IP for the camera has to be on the same subnet as the router. In other words the camera has to be 191.168.1.x not 2.x I don't see how it can work otherwise.

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December 5, 2009 at 20:58:55
Martin; You have an IP conflict since the router web interface is using the same port of the camera. That is the reason why you are getting the DSL router username and password and not the camera...Change the remote access port to 8080 or something else; then you will do a portforward on the camera
for 8077.
check out this link

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December 6, 2009 at 18:33:01
Mamut0o1, thanks for your reply.
Sorry I try to understand, but...
Why would the port 8077 not work? I thought this would be a port that nothing else would use?

"Change the remote access port to 8080"
Would I do this on the modem or the router?

Then I get confused... If I change the remote access port to 8080 and set the port on the IP camera to 8087, how would they link to eachother?

So then If I have it all setup (after you reply so I understand better) what would I type to access my camera:
http://IP:8087 or http://IP:8080 ?

Thanks so much for all your help....Please help me to understand...

Thanks so much for your reply..
The IP camera is on the same subnet as the router.
The router is on and the camera on
So if I would change it to 192.168.1.X the camera would be set on the subnet of the modem...
Is that what I should do?

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December 6, 2009 at 18:54:33
By the way Mamut0o1,

It is not the router which I have access to when I type http://IP:8077, it's the modem...

Thanks again for your support :)
Thanks for your answers, I'll give everything an UP for "good answer"

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December 6, 2009 at 19:05:03
There is no ip conflict.

It is a port forwarding issue.

But, as guapo suggests, you misunderstood what you needed to do to access your camera.

You don't need dyndns.

Review this picture

The cameras are on the INSIDE network.

The way this works is they [the camera] get a private ip from the router. You access them on the lan via their 192.168.x.x ip

To access via the internet, you have to setup port forwarding in the router to the internal ip device. You do this by port forwarding in the router to that specific ip address. You set port 8077 to go to the STATICALLY assigned ip address of the camera.

This way when you are on a remote location, you type your routers wan ip:8077 via the software you are using for the camera and walla you connect to the camera and what it is displaying.

Hope this helps

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December 7, 2009 at 11:27:39
It looks like I have two routers! The Trendnet DSL modem has port forwarding on it etc. etc. It's an avanced DSL modem I guess. This one is connected to a wireless router.

So I guess I need to figure out if I need to forward the Modem to the router, and how to do this with what port number, and then the router to the camera, with what port number..


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December 7, 2009 at 11:50:55
usually you would put the modem/router into bridge mode so the wan ip goes to your wireless router.

Otherwise you have to port forward to
wireless router wan ip:8077 in the trendnet router
then forward the same port number in the wireless router to the ip camera

Might want to consider just connecting your wireless router via xover cable lan port on the trendnet router to a lan port on the wireless router.

here's a pic and other considerations

this way you avoid the double nat/double forwarding.

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