TCP Ports on router

May 26, 2010 at 18:54:16
Specs: Windows 7 Professional (32-bit), 3GB 2.0GHz Dual core CPU
I did a port scan of my router from within my home network. I used the program nmap and ran a TCP connect and syn scan on the router.
The results show these ports to be open on the router's internal IP (
It showed these ports open on the home side:
80/tcp (http)
443/tcp (tcpwrapped)
1723/tcp (pptp)
51005 (http?)

I know port 1723 is used for pptp and virtual private networks, but why is it open on the LAN ?
All the ports show up as stealthed on the internet IP. There were a number of UDP ports as well but I can't remember what they were. These are the results of scanning my BT Home Hub v1 router from 2 PCs inside the network. What reason would the two ports 1723 and 51005 have to be open?
Apart from that is the port scan result normal or suspicious? I cannot find any info on port 1723 being open on google apart from people asking how to open it, I just want to know why its open and what it might be doing.
So as far as the internet side is concerned, my network has not been compromised?
I only want to open the ports which are necessary for normal web browsing and secure web browsing.
Ocasionally I will open bittorrent pors but I do not use it really anymore.

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May 27, 2010 at 07:22:43
What reason would the two ports 1723 and 51005 have to be open?

Now, if it were me with this question, I'd go to the website of the router manufacturer and I'd contact their support, probably via email, and I'd ask this question of them knowing they'd be more likely to have an answer than anybody else....

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