Subnetting with 2 routers

June 1, 2011 at 16:42:05
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Here is my setup.
DSL modem connected to WAN on Juniper Firewall, LAN on Juniper ( connected to Netgear switch, LAN on lynksys ( connected to another port on netgear switch. All computers use the network with DHCP, all ip phones use the network with static addresses no internet access. We are putting the same ip phone system in a remote office and need internet access on the network to create an office to office VoIP network. I tried connecting the WAN side of the linksys to the LAN side of the Juniper and the whole network goes down and I have to reset everything. Is their a way to do what I'm trying to do, the netgear switch is layer 3 so I can do vlans to set this up if needed. We need to forward some common VoIP ports from the network to the network and then onto the internet. please help!!!!!!!

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June 1, 2011 at 17:48:06
layer2 does vlans
layer3 does routing

vlan tagging is dropped when it hits the router.

You should present this to the phone system manufacturer/support and get their opinion on how to connect to sites via the internet for one phone system.

Most likely it will involve a site to site vpn and a different subnet at the remote end for phones since you can't route between the same subnets.

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June 2, 2011 at 07:40:23
We are putting the same ip phone system in a remote office and need internet access on the network to create an office to office VoIP network

We tried this with a remote office at another university. Our office there used ADSL for internet access (it's only a 2 person office). ADSL does not (here anyway, it may differ where you are) allow for VLAN tagging or QoS across it which was an issue we circumvented using a VPN tunnel.

BUT and I stress that but, it never worked properly and in the end, we just got the local telco to put two digital lines in that office.

Your best bet, if you feel you have to have VoIP in both locations, would be to use a local VoIP provider on one end since competition for bandwidth on ADSL (or cable........whichever provider you use) is fierce and most ISP's oversubscribe their segments to make more money. Without QoS you have to compete with all the bandwidth hogs running Point-to-Point software dealing in illegal music/movies/software etc, and it's a losing battle.

As I said, in the end we gave up on the idea because of the constant hassles trying to have enough bandwidth to make it work over public links.

FWIW, all our other intersite links are direct and we VoIP over them without issue because they're not public and we're able to do QoS.

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