Steam loses connection (Whilst Internet is Working)

January 13, 2012 at 03:47:06
Specs: Windows XP, 4GB RAM
Hello all you Smart Wizards

Lately I have been having issues with Steam, sure Steam is a genius program, that brings millions of gamer's together, but it isn't without its flaws, however this issue may not even be steam, and just my computers configuration or more so router.

The issue I am experiencing is basically steam losing connection, it happens randomly, but I can estimate roughly that it cuts out every 3 minutes, or every 5 minutes. The odd thing is my internet is always connected, so when Steam cuts out, I can open Google and the page will load, thus proving that it cant possible be my internet but perhaps the settings my router is on.

Another odd thing is, when I start up multiplayer, and join a server, I'll only be there for about 5 minutes before lose connection to the host, and Steam proceeds to cut out once again. I have asked friends, and even turned to Steam support but they still have not answered my pleas for help with this annoying issue, its been happening for the past month now, and it really frustrates me.

I can perhaps narrow some things down, steam is added to the firewall list, so it can't exactly be my firewall, I then turned to my routers ports (I don't have access to my routers configuration settings) I asked my brother who is a computer wizard and he said "No it's not the routers ports they are all open" I don't know if he just wanted me out of his hair, or was speaking the truth so I just left it.

I've tried everything, turning the router on and off, rebooting steam, setting steams priority, adding steam to the firewall (again), attempted to forward ports (have no idea what I'm doing) but I just cant seem to find a solution

I have know turned to Tom's Guide, a website that's resolved an issue of mine in the past. Please all you wizards, is there a solution to my aggravating issue, could one of you smart cookies lay out a list of things, I should try/do/attempt, all so I can get my steam connected, and not to disconnect every few minutes.

Thank you all for your time, and I wish you a late Happy New Year :)


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January 13, 2012 at 15:18:07
You know what, I had this exact same issue when Battlefield 3 came out.. after some nosing around I found out it was the DMZ setting in my router.

The DMZ setting is basically a setting within the router that allows communication through various ports and protocols. Now, if it does turn out to be this then obviously your ports are not open (some routers seal them by default). Either way if this doesn't turn out to be the issue, I would have this setting enabled anyway.

What kind of network do you have? You have a DHCP or static?

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January 13, 2012 at 20:45:30
Hello :D

Just like to thank you for the fast reply to my question, feels great to have someone helping me out (: my network is DHCP, so I'm told. I use a Netgear Router, and my PC is connected to it via Wireless.


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