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Splitting Password Protected PPPoE Connection

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Hi There.

I hope I have posted this in the correct forum, if not then I am hoping an administrator will move me to the right place.

My question is as follows:


I stay in an apartment block where each room pays for a broadband (PPPoE) connection monthly.
I have a unique login and password which must be entered each time I login.
There is only one ethernet port in the room (no wireless)

Desired Goal:

I would like to get my partner a laptop and hook her laptop up to my connection. The reason being that there is no way I am paying twice for 2 computers, which apparently is the deal here.

Is there a way I can split my connection once I am logged in so she can access the internet at the same time?

Potential Problems:

I know there was some configuration done inside my laptop to initiate the connection first. Is there a way to bypass that and simply split the connection after I am logged in?

Thanking you in advance for any help.



2 Answers

  1. get a ppoe capable router and put the account and password in its wan interface. This is covered in the routers manual.

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  2. jgreenkc just about all routers are behind other routers. If you do a tracert to a url each “hop” is a router.
    pickles the router you buy will come with a manual on how to set up ppoe.

    “log on to the network using my username and password”

    Not quite
    You would write down your ppoe user name and password. You would connect wired to from your laptop/pc to the router. You would logon to the router using the default user name and password. You would then change the admin password to something you will remember. This is the first step in securing your router. You would then, following the manual, configure the wan interface ppoe with the written down user name and password. You would connect a patch cable from the routers wan port to the wall socket.

    The manual will walk you thru all of this.

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