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Someone Is Stalking Me Through My IP Address

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A very creepy guy has found my IP address and has used it to stalk me, I don’t know to what extent, but he has tracked my whereabouts
“You where on multiple websites asking for advice… My boyfriend gets $4000 a mth in royalties for a song he wrote… I won’t go into details because of copyright infringement but….
And then there was the whole
I wanna send my boyfriend pictures what are the guidelines for that? And I know you where in the states…. I also ran your IP address and I now know a lot more about you then you think”

Is this illegal? Should I contact police? Also, how can I make sure he cannot do this to me anymore?


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  1. Stalking in “any” form is illegal. Might not be a bad idea to advise the police, as they may be very interested and apply some resources to resolving it.

    However vey likely the closest this perpetrator here can get is the ip address for your ISP Server which hosts “your” individual ip address… This unless he has resources normally only available to law or intelligence authorities – NSA/CIA/FBI/MI5/MI6 and so on…

    More likely you have acquired a trojan of some form and that is how he is attacking you…

    Suggest however you power down your router; disconnect main is as well. Wait about a minute or so and then power up again. This will “force” your ISP to assign a new ip address to your account when you power up the router again; rather than do it /when it may feel to. (ISP can often re-assign an individual ip address – which only they will know – at any time.)

    Also run a few cleaner apps:

    JRT (Junkware Removal Tool)…




    Install each using the custom/manual option – NOT the proffered automatic. Carefully watch for and uncheck “any” pre-checked boxes – other than the one for the actual utility itself. Thus you will avid installing all manner of unwanted “stuff” you neither need nor want. Much of it can be a PIA to eradicate. (Make this your normal/standard approach to for “anything” you download from the web.)

    JRT installs to the desktop from where you run it. It will open into a small dos style window; follow the instructions therein. It will reboot the system as part of its process.

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  2. Try changing your IP address. First check to see what it is so you can be sure it changes. Just type “what’s my IP address” into google. Yep, it’s that easy. You won’t even have to click the search button.
    Then unplug the power cord from your internet modem/router & leave it unplugged overnite. You’ll be without internet service, so plan accordingly. Reconnect the next day & see if the IP address has changed. If it hasn’t, you might have to leave it unplugged for longer, possibly 24 hrs. Change your network password while you’re at it too.

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