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Solved Someone Is Hacking My Hotspot How Do I Find Out Who They Are

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I have a sierra wireless that is being hacked is there a way to get the hacker’s ip ,

On my hotspot it says a user must disconnect before l can connect yet it also shows o users connected
id love to trace them n mess with them .they r using
Up my data time

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  1. I would most certainly ensure to have mac filtering invoked; allow “only” the mac addresses “you” use to connect.

    Do not broadcast the SSID for your router; but do know what it is – obviously…

    Ensure you use a serious level/form of encryption for the router password. And again – ensure you know what it is and have a record of it in a couple of places… (just in-case you need to know it at some future date).

    And as CurtR suggests – perhaps have a chat with your isp support team; just -in-case there is “something amiss” with your service/connection…

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