Slow & Sometimes Unavailable Internet

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October 2, 2010 at 14:18:08
Specs: Windows 7 & Ubuntu 10, Dual 2.4GHz, 2.5GB
I am having a strange issue were my Internet browsing is sometimes unavailable or slow. Let me start with what equipment and software I am running. 1st. I have AT&T U-verse (Worst Router Ever) for my Internet. 2nd. Netscreen 5GT as a gateway for all clients to access the Internet (DNS OFF & DHCP OFF). 3rd. I have two High End Network Servers running Ubuntu 10, MaraDNS, Samba4 (Windows Domain) and several irrelevant services. First Server is Running DHCP & Primary DNS. The Second Server is Running Secondary DNS. Both Servers sync DNS records using rsync. 4th. I also have at least 4 constant/always connected Windows 7 Clients.

Sometime last week we started experiencing browsing issues were the web page comes up with unavailable and other times the page will load the HTML but the CSS and some images will timeout. My first thought was MaraDNS was the problem because it was the last thing I touched meaning I switched from Bind9 because of compatibility issues (long story. don't ask.). After running DNS Benchmark tests it shows my DNS Servers are preforming great, possibly better then most public DNS Servers. Next I tried flushing my network by flipping the main power switch to off for several moments then restarting the whole network. This fixed the problem for a couple hours but returned again later. The only test that I see showing any issues is I have the 18MB package from AT&T which I typically get close to 17MB a second with low ping time. But with this issue my results now are 1.11MB Down, 0.10MB Up and 564MS Ping. During the first half of the test the meter has a popping like moment going from 0 -> 500KB -> 400KB -> 700KB -> 600KB -> 1.1MB -> 1MB -> 1.5MB then slowly dies off at the end. Before it would shot all the way up the 17MB no problem.

I would really appreciate it if anyone could help me. I am at the end of rope of networking knowledge with this one. If you have any suggestions for Linux or Windows tests I could run please ask and I would be more then happy to post them here.

Please keep the topic about the software I am running and don't tell me something like reinstall bind9 or downgrade your Ubuntu version because if I did that it would open a whole new can of worms.

Joel T Greene

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October 3, 2010 at 05:31:14
Start by calling your provider, they should be able to run a diag on the router as well as check for issues on their end.

If it's not the router or them, then check your gateway device.

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October 3, 2010 at 12:58:10
I'm a former AT&T U-verse installer and after calling some old employees and asking them to run a Quality Check on my BAN # they said checks are coming back fine with some minor errors but I have known about these errors since I had it installed over a year ago. My primary server has dual nic cards with one plugged into the Netscreen and the other plugged into the U-verse Router (DMZ Mode). This server seems to be experiencing the most minimal issues.

I am thinking the problem must be in my secondary and/or the primary server because after publishing this post I SSHed my servers to just remember I have crontab to rsync user files to an remote backup service every night at 3:00am. After running "PS -AUX" I discover on several occasions rsync was hanging. (meaning I found 5 rsync processes running on both servers). After killing the processes my problems seemed to greatly decrease but still existent. To keep this from happening does anyone know how to cause rsync to terminate if it is running longer then a specified duration?

Joel T Greene

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