Slow File Transfer via network 512kbps link

December 18, 2009 at 00:05:32
Specs: Windows XP
Hi all,

I have a remote office which is connected to main office via 512kbps link. The users are conencting back to file server in main office to work on documents, checking email and as internet gateway. The file opening is slow when they tried to open big file/attachment.
Would like to know if there's any solution for this, other than upgrading the data link? thanks in advance

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December 18, 2009 at 04:45:54
Any network is only as fast as the slowest link in the chain and as 512 kbps is the slowest link, that is all you are going to get without improving that.


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December 18, 2009 at 18:23:22
Hi Stuarts,

Thanks for the reply. I wud need to consider all the option,besides upgrading the link,which will incurred monthly cost.
Looks like putting a server to serve the remote office is another alternative?

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December 23, 2009 at 09:38:57
512 is OK for docs and email but adding internet browsing saturates the link. This is a third of the standard T1 bandwidth. If this is a frame relay link its half that which means your port speed maybe 512 but your CIR is 256 which is your actual bandwidth.

Even putting a server at this location and doing file replication may not work if the link is over utilized.

A caching appliance may speed up access and reduce utilization but the last one I cheched into was 10K [riverbend steelhead 300 wan accelerator].

This is why doing a vpn thru local internet providers can give you the most bang for your buck. You can get more bandwidth for less money.

Another consideration is terminal services. This is where you put a TS server at your main location and have your users at the remote connect to it. Processing/apps/docs loads on this server(s) and only video/mouse/keyboard goes across the wan link. I do this for 8 remote sites throughout the state.

It isn't always about the slowest link but how the link is used.

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