Slow Dial-Up VPN during Win XP Login to AD

July 21, 2011 at 19:29:30
Specs: Windows XP
I've set up a small Windows 2000 Server SP4 on a small network. This server is configured as a remote access server for VPN clients. On this network I have a Win 2003 Server (we call it JERRY, don't ask) as the Active Directory system for the site. It's IP address is The 2003 server is also the DNS server, WINS server, and DHCP server as well for the network. I have all the necessary ports forwarded in our firewall for PPTP. At home I have a Win XP laptop with a VPN Client connection profile to the VPN server using PPTP. In the profile, I have set a static entry for the DNS server ( and the same goes for the WINS server entry. I DO NOT have use default gateway on remote network checked on the profile. The laptop is part of the AD domain.

If I login locally to the laptop and use the VPN profile it connects but WINS does not seem to work. So I can connect to JERRY by performing \\ but NOT \\Jerry.

Next, I restared the laptop and when I was about to login, I checked use a dailup connection with the VPN profile. The system connected, but it took 15 mins to connect and when it finished the login, I can tell the GPO never ran, some or all network drives did not map and login scripts did not run. The EventLog says it couldn't find the domain controller name for the computer network.

Elsewhere online someone said it sounds like a WINS issue or DHCP. Someone suggested setting the WINS NODE TYPE setting in DHCP to 0x2 instead of the default 0x0. I did this and the next time connected to the VPN server either logged into the laptop locally or thru the VPN Dail up system, NETBIOS started to work. If I dailed up, scripts ran, drives mapped, folder redirection worked, everything worked as planned.

That was all last night. Tonight I am back to slow dail up VPN logins and no NETBIOS working. All the settings I have mentioned above have not changed. BTW, I have also tried connecting to the VPN server and relying strictly on the DHCP server on the remote end, so I took out the static entries for DNS and WINS servers. After I connect you can run IPCONFIG and clearly see that the VPN profile has the correct DNS and WINS server settings via DHCP.

This is driving me crazy. Why is NETBIOS not working when I am telling my system exactly where the WINS server is? Any ideas of how to fix this?


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July 21, 2011 at 20:34:23
dial up as in modem to modem access? You know you don't get more than 28K baud with that these days right? 56K is only if the phone lines haven't been multiplexed which wasn't that case when I gave up on dialup 10 yrs ago

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July 23, 2011 at 04:24:38
No. Dail Up as in a connection that is not ON all the time. Dail up does not mean you are using a modem. It can also be a VPN connection over CABLE, DSL, T1, etc. Short answer, no I am not using a modem I have Cable internet. I think my service is 5mbs down and 1mbs up. I'm not sure.

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July 23, 2011 at 16:37:50
Dial up is using a 56k analogue Modem that is connected to a telephone line and it dials a telephone number in order to connect. Cable DSL, etc is Broadband and doesn't dial anything.

They all use Modems somewhere along the line only they are incompatible with each other. Whether it is on permanently or on demand is irrelevant.

Best get the terminology right, avoids a lot of confusion.


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July 24, 2011 at 04:38:04
Alright. It's obvious no one here has ever looked at the little check box at the CTRL+ALT+DEL on Windows XP when you login to windows. If you look, you will see a line that says logon thru a Dail Up connection. IF YOU CHECK THIS OPTION, when you click logon, a BOX appears saying please select a DAIL UP PROFILE from your computer. I have a VPN profile, not a DAIL UP TELEPHONE MODEM profile but Windows considers a VPN profile a DAIL UP TELEPHONE MODEM profile. I select the VPN profile and use that to login to windows and the domain remotely.

If I were using a TELEPHONE MODEM I would have clearly stated that. That's why I stated that dail-up is the idea that you do not have a permanently connection between two places, this can either be a modem profile (telelphone dail up to ISP) -OR- a network connection to a remote company network (VPN connection).

Ever heard of DEMAND DAIL? Sounds like a modem and it can be BUT it is commonly used when building automatic connections for VPN servers to connect to remote sites and vice-versa. The VPN can service could use a modem but most use T1 or something higher like OC-3 .

NUTSHELL: NO MODEMS! Period! On either end! When windows says DAIL UP on that login prompt they actually mean DAIL UP and VPN connections as well! If anyone is at fault, Windows should have defined that block on the CTRL+ALT+DEL login screen at little better. More like, CHECK HERE TO LOGIN VIA A REMOTE CONNECTION (VPN, Modem, LPT, etc.)

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