Sharing My 3G USB Mobile Broadband Connection

April 24, 2011 at 13:45:14
Specs: Windows 7

I have currently the following connection:
A Seimens Gigaset SE568 Wireless Router connected to a DSL Line and broadcasting a WIFI signal throughout my house. I receive this WIFI internet connection on my laptops using their respective WIFI adapters, and on my desktop using a GASKY GS-28USB Wireless USB Adapter, and use this internet connection simultaneously in both desktops and laptops.

Now, I am shifing to a new 3G USB Mobile Broadband service:
Where I can directly connect the 3G USB Mobile Broadband Stick to my desktop or my laptop and use the internet directly, but not all at once through my router as was previously configured.

Is there a way using the existing hardware, can I configure my desktop to share this internet connection and broadcast from the GASKY GS-28USB Wireless Lan Card to the Seimens Gigaset SE568 router and then throughout my house for simultaneous access, or directly share the internet through the GASKY adapter itself, or is there some other configuration I can use ? Please give me a detailed description of setting it up if possible.

My Desktop has Windows 7 installed as an operating system.

Thanks in advance.

PS: The links for the product pages are as follows:

1. GASKY USB Wireless Adapter ... itle=Ultra
High Power Wireless LAN USB Adapter

2. Seimens Gigaset SE568 ... ab=manuals

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April 24, 2011 at 18:10:43
My first question would be Why are you switching from a wired (DSL) broadband to a wireless service? Perhaps where you are the costs are similar and the service performance might be comparable. Where I am the 3G services available cost from 3 to 10 times as much depending on data allowance and the performance of some providers is currently subject of class-action law suits.

It may be possible for you to use ICS in a Host PC with the 3g dongle attached and bridged to your LAN connection but but there are many downsides to this plan.
First, the Host PC must be on at all times for any of the devices to get a connection.
Second, All internet traffic would be transiting through that host thus impeding the performance of that host PC.

If you insist on making the switch to 3G mobile broadband for a home network (and again why would you?) then you will be better off replacing your router for a new model that has the necessary USB interface and control firmware. Just be careful when choosing a router as some that have a USB port only use that port for attaching a CLIENT device such as printer or network storage. You need to make sure it specifies suitable for 3G mobile sharing.

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September 25, 2011 at 03:11:57
i use just 3g now ,, reason ,,, COST ,,i dont need high speed ,and i dont need a phone line .or broadband ,,phone bills ,and broadband bills mount up ,,and i can use it anywhere ...i used skype .for text and phone calls,.now VOIP ,since there 400% price hike,.

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