Solved Share Files between PC & Laptop via router.

Lenovo / 20157
April 4, 2014 at 03:53:17
Specs: Windows 7, Core i5 3rd Gen 2.501 Ghz / 4GB
my laptop is full of movies & games also the drives are below 10% empty, now i want to transfer some files to my PC as its all empty but i the problem is, my PC is connected to router via LAN cable & laptop via wifi.

How do i transfer files from my laptop to my pc via router or if anyone can tell me how to connect A windows XP based PC & Windows 7 Based laptop via LAN cable than that will also do.

I tried to connect both via LAN cable but its not that easy as connecting two windows 7 system via LAN.

Looking forward for any help.
Thank you!

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April 4, 2014 at 04:38:58
If you just want to transfer some files, don't bother trying to do it over your network. It's a lot simpler if you just copy the files to a removable storage device, then plug that device in to the other computer and copy/paste.

But if you want to do it over your network, there's a bit of setup work involved:

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April 4, 2014 at 10:16:34
I just figured it out & made a network shared folder in my PC so now i can transfer data to my PC form laptop over router but now the problem is the speed is around 2-5 mbps which is hell slow when i want to transfer big files.

The router i am using is netgear & its an 150 Mbps so it should atleast give 10Mbps transfer rate.

what can be the problem?

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April 4, 2014 at 12:03:22
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The problem could be the network interfaces on the computers connected or the router itself.

Assuming your router's LAN ports a 100 Mbps (bandwidth is always in multiples of 10/100/1000/100000 Mbps) and set to "Auto" as long as your PC and laptop's interfaces are 100 Mbps or better, you should be connecting at a full 100 Mbps. Check each connected device for what they are connected at. If one of them is connecting only at 10 and the others 100, then the issue would be with the NIC of the device connecting at 10. You could try forcing it to 100 to see if that works. If not, then there may be hardware issues with the NIC.

One thing you could also do is to update the drivers for the network interfaces on all your PC's.

You have a couple options available to you. Assuming your computers network interfaces are all 1000 Mbps capable you could:
1) Buy a small 1000 Mbps switch and connect all computers to it and it in turn to the router. This would give all devices connected to the switch 1000 Mbps bandwidth while allowing them all internet access

2) You could purchase a crossover cable and directly connect all devices in turn to the one you want to move data to.

Lastly, you could buy a RAID capable NAS device (network attached storage) and connect it to your LAN and move your data to it. The big advantage of a NAS is redundancy. I have a small two hard drive NAS at home with two 2 terabyte disks in it that are in a RAID 1 array. Should one disk fail, I simply replace it, rebuild the array and I lose no data. I do all my computer backups as well as store all data I do not wish to lose to the NAS which frees up HDD space on my PC's.

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