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September 23, 2009 at 00:59:58
Specs: Windows XP
Hi all, my goal here is to hook up my Xbox 360 to my existing Wifi network (without paying 100 dollars for the stupid wireless adaptor).
I've instead purchased a ZIO WLB5254AP device which according to the internet it can be configured into Client mode and connect to the xbox.

here's how it would look like
Internet->modem->wireless router~~(wifi)~~WLB5254AP->Xbox360

But I seem to run into a little problem with the settings:

My router, a D-link DIR-615, is on the default setup, DHCP on, with IP range of

The WLB5254AP(Client from here on), has it's IP set to, DHCP off, Gateway set to
At this stage my computer is connected to the Client, I can Ping the Router, and if i type in in browser I can access the Router's config page no problem.
But when I try to access any websites, I can't. So it seems that the Client is connected to Router, but not Internet.
When I go to the Router's Client list, I see the MAC address of the Client, but the IP for it is

So my question is, is there something I'm missing or done wrong?

Thanks in advance all mighty Gurus

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September 23, 2009 at 07:31:58
But when I try to access any websites, I can't. So it seems that the Client is connected to Router, but not Internet.

You don't show a DNS address on your PC. It should be the same IP as your gateway in this case.

Is your client set to get it's IP from DHCP from the router?

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September 24, 2009 at 02:42:51
DNS address, that did the magic! I can now access the internet with this setup.
Though a new problem appears...
With the setup as described before, I can sign into Xbox live, but when I try to join an online game (whichever game i tried), the connection is lost, and i can no longer sign back in until i reset the Client device.

So I did a test setup, replacing the xbox with my own PC

Internet->modem->wireless router~~(wifi)~~WLB5254AP->PC

Note that the router is right beside my PC, so the Client is also right beside it, getting 100% signal strength.
With the proper setup, i can browse the net, watch youtube videos, run speedtest. but the connection seem to drop occasionally.

normally with a wired connection from my PC to the router, i can play games online no problem.
So with the wireless Client in the middle, i tried to join a game of Left4Dead. Tried multiple times, connection seem to drop when it starts to load, then nothing until i restart the Client device.
I tried to set the Client to specific speed, like 54mbps/24mbps, but still connection still drops

Do I have a defective device? or am I doing something wrong here?

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September 24, 2009 at 07:36:05
Well, to be honest, wireless sucks for gaming.

I'm a network technician by trade and a gamer at heart so I've done a lot of gaming and I work intimately with networks both wired and wireless.

I don't know what to tell as to what could be causing the drop. Normally wireless gives you lots of lag and latency while gaming which is frustrating enough. What could be causing the drop I'm not sure and I won't be able to help troubleshoot the issue without actually being there to test.

My best suggestion/recommendation is to connect the xbox with a network cable and enjoy a good solid, wired, connection and the best possible gaming experience.

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