Semi-Connection problem (Skype, Steam, etc)

October 26, 2010 at 13:57:56
Specs: Windows XP
I have a PC running XP, haven't had any problems until the last few days when I got some kind of big Spyware infection. This spyware actually blocked me from OPENING and UPDATING my current spyware programs (like Spybot, as well as some I downloaded once the problem began--AdAware and MalwareBites). I also found myself being redirected alot on Firefox, so hopefully I didn't download anything else malicious. The only thing that I've gotten to work to actually remove the spyware was to go into Safemode, which allowed some of the programs to update and remove alot of the bad stuff. At this time I have succesfully scanned and removed things using Spybot, MalwareBites, and Windows Spyware Removal tool, as well as running standard AVG free which updates fine. AdAware won't seem to completely update, even in Safe Mode.
The problem I'm having now is connecting to certain programs that require a constant connection (Skype, Steam, Gmail Phone). I can browse on the internet, but cannot completely connect to these other programs (which sucks because I play games on Steam). In Safe Mode, the connections work fine and I can completely connect to everything, including just browsing on the internet. I also can't seem to remove all of the spyware, and am still being redirected when I use Firefox in Normal Mode.
Can somebody please help me?


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October 26, 2010 at 14:14:16
I just tried going into the Device Manager, then Network Adapters, then Intel Pro/1000 PL Network Connection (my device I guess) to try to test the connection and DNS since I've been reading about how some Malware can corrupt or change that stuff. When I run a test in Link Speed the Connection, I get this:

Connection test passed

Test details

This adapter is configured to obtain an
IP address automatically. The adapter
obtained an IP address from a DHCP server.
Ping Gateway : Passed
Ping DNS : Passed
Ping DNS : Passed
Ping DNS : Failed
No WINS server is available for this
Ping Network : Passed

Should Ping DNS be like that?

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