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Reply Destination Net Unreachable

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Good day please help me…i have my 9 computers 1 prolink modem/router h5200 and tplink switch…for 3 months my connection is quite good..but in the 4th month its starting to Reply Destination net Unreachable..i called up a technician from the network..He changed my modem/router with the same model and it runs for an hour… 5-6 hrs..the problem starts again it begins to ping Reply Destination net Unreachable…b4 my TCP/IP i configured it automatically but now i try to put it manually…my modem/router starts with my first unit starts in and so on.. but still the same..Please someone who is genius help me solve this issue THANK YOU…


2 Answers

  1. Is the switch between your router and PCs? Your problem might be that unit or the cable between the two or another cable in your network. Replacing the router didn’t solve the problem so it is obviously elsewhere in your setup.

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  2. How to Fix the Ping Error Destination Net Unreachable?
    Switch off the devices on your network.
    Disconnect power cables from Modem and Router.
    Disconnect the Ethernet cables from Modem, Computer, and Router.
    Reconnect the power and ethernet cables.
    Power on the Modem and Router after one minute.
    Check for the issue.

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