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February 9, 2011 at 17:14:39
Specs: Windows 7
I have a Chinese made Video server, TMVideo, NV-902AT. Standard cctv video Camera connected to the video server, and the NV902 connected my Belkin router connected to the internet via coax cable. I have forwarded the ports 8080 (Web port according to the network setup within the video servers setup tab windows) and 4000 (CMD port according to the network setup within the video server setup tab windows),
I have created a static IP address 192.XXX.X.50 for the Camera,
I have identified my routers external IP address 71.XXX.XX.XXX:8080.
I can access the Video Server by typing in the URL from outside my Home network.
My question is this..when I access the system from outside my network, it takes me into the Login menu of the Servers operating system panel before I can see the video.Once I login i have access to the video camera (2 Channels) and all setup parameters. How do I get the Image to just display at the specified IP address assigned by my DYNDNS host without having to go thru all the login info? Anyone can access the server's Op's and change everything the way it is now by the URL What am I doing wrong?
Forwarded port 8080 and CMD port 4000<---------What is the command port? when I type in the URL of the cam location with 8080 I get in... with 4000 I can't get in. Should 4000 also be in the URL after 8080?


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February 10, 2011 at 06:11:19
There is nothing wrong with your setup. Getting the logon page is normal security on a dvr. No one can change anything unless they know the logon name and password. You should change those from the defaults if you have not done so. I have to logon to my home security system whether from inside or outside.

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February 11, 2011 at 11:36:39 How to I get the image being displayed to where I can go, or anyone for that matter if I give the IP address of the Camera to just see the image without having to log into the DVR control screen...U know like Traffic Webcams where you enter the IP and you can see a live view of traffic flow? Is this possible with my setup? I was under the impression that once I forward the Port(s) to a hosting site like YOICS or DYNDNS that I could just enter the name and it would take me to the image..unless I've not done something else I need to do. When I enter the domain name it doesn't work..but If I enter the IP address it goes in like I mentioned earlier... Thanks for you help. I have several other servers to bring online once I get this ironed out. I have a Nice 8 camera Video Server that I thought was useless but once I figured out the port forwarding thing, it works!!
Thanks again!

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February 11, 2011 at 14:38:51
Not possible. The traffic cameras are IP cameras. Yours and mine are not. The DVR is the only ip device in the system.

To do as you desire you need ip cameras and you would need to set each camera to a different port number. You would access remotely like so

http://yourwanipaddress:portnumber1 <-- cam 1
http://yourwanipaddress:portnumber2 <-- cam 2
http://yourwanipaddress:portnumber3 <-- cam 3

Perhaps your dvr system allows for a user account vs the admin account? You could then set a user account [which shouldn't be able to change anything] for your friends to logon under.

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