Solved Rackmount KVM switch, cables, power, console connector?

February 13, 2016 at 16:04:17
Specs: Multiple, Pentium 4
I picked up a "I-Tech NetView NVP215-S801d 2U 15" Rackmount SAMSUNG LCD USB KVM Switches, with Compact Keyboard". The unit has nine 15 pin connectors (Ports 1-8, & Console) and a 12VDC barrel plug power connector on the back.

I have never used one of these. My question is three parts.

What is the console connector for? There are only pushbuttons to select between Ports 1 & 8.

I need cables for this. Do all KVM switches using some generic cabling? This one is described as USB. Does that mean I can only use some generic KVM to USB cable? I would prefer PS/2 as it would free up some USB ports for other uses. Can you recommend a cable?

I need to power this. Any idea what size barrel plug these use? The connector is mounted to the outside with a nut. So, its got two maybe three threads that make it looks like it could possibly take a power cord that screws in place, although I bet it's a push on type. Is there a standard connector / size for this type of device? And how much current or power do these types of things take? It is marked 12Vdc.

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February 13, 2016 at 16:52:29
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ISAmad: What is the console connector for?
Your monitor.

ISAmad: Do all KVM switches using some generic cabling?
Standard VGA cables, and in your case USB cables. You can sometimes find them bundled together as a single cable. Nice, but typically not worth the cost unless you're doing a lot of KVM cabling.

ISAmad: I would prefer PS/2
Should have gotten a PS/2 KVM, then. I wouldn't attempt to use an adapter. The KVM is probably acting as a USB hub, and PS/2 adapters aren't expecting to go from the PC to a hub.

ISAmad: Is there a standard connector / size for this type of device?
It's dependent on the device. See if there's a wattage or amperage indication somewhere, then look for a universal power adapter that meets its requirements.

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February 14, 2016 at 02:47:22
Thanks. So, the console is for an additional monitor if you want one then. Can't think of why I would. The one in the tray will save me some space, which is why I hauled this junk home.

I wonder if I get a generic USB KVM cable and use PS/2 adapters on it if that won't cancel out any issue with the hub?

There are no markings other than the 12VDC. Looks like my HP desktop monitor and keyboard combined rate 49.65W. So, I'll just have to find something higher that fits.

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February 14, 2016 at 04:58:32
Thanks. So, the console is for an additional monitor if you want one then

Without a better view of the unit than I could find online it's hard to answer this question. I suspect though, this is where the monitor for the KVM itself connects. As you've pointed out, it doesn't make a lot of sense to plug another monitor in.

As for the power adapter, you should see a label on the device somewhere (usually near the plug itself) that details the adapter. Something like the following:

Normally they'll list the input/output etc as well so you know exactly what type of power adapter to buy.

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February 14, 2016 at 12:31:00
Good point about polarity. I will have to have a look under the hood.

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March 4, 2016 at 22:35:27
The more I thought about it and searched, it doesn't look like some USB to PS2 adapter for this keyboard/mouse combo is going to be available. I got some Startech 6ft 2-in-1 Ultra Thin USB KVM Cable and a 5A 12VDC universal supply to use with this. The monitor works fine. The keyboard and mouse work with the OSD configuration utility built into the switch. But I have yet to see if the USB keyboard/mouse will function outside of the switch itself. I hooked it up and got nothing. Then I downloaded a manual for the closest model I could find to this and found out that these things requires windows to recognize it and install drivers. The PC's must be set up first with a separate keyboard. So much for the convenience I hoped this would afford. Too bad it wasn't a PS2 KVM, I wouldn't be having this problem. Hopefully, a basic install will suffice and I can run updates later with the KVM attached.

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