Printing to local printers from TS App via VPN - 32-bit Srv,

September 28, 2012 at 07:27:34
Specs: Windows 7
Have a situation that I need some help on. I have walked into a company that has several small (1-4 PC's each) remote locations, and they all connect to Terminal Server to use our POS app. This app will not keep redirected printers saved between each session, so in order to save the printers, they have software VPN's set up on each client, then the local printers are installed on the server through a Local Port using the VPN ipaddress\printer share name. This allows the printers to be saved in the program and not re-assigned each session. Now, let's say that I have implemented a new desktop replacement procedure, and we are now in phase one of said procedure. I have purchased Windows 7 64-bit desktops. After setting up my deployment standards and testing in-house, I placed one of these PC's in the field. This is where I learned the issues of printing from a 32-bit server to a 64-bit client. I have not been able to successfully print to the printer installed on the server using the Local Port of the client, print job errors out. I have done some research, and found the issues with printing from 32-bit to 64-bit, and have installed all the additional drivers I can find, with no success. Any ideas on how to fix this issue would be appreciated, even if it means changing the printer install procedure. Thank you.

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September 28, 2012 at 08:20:01
Is it possible to install the existing 32 bit drivers on your Windows 7 computers using the "compatibility mode" setting? Or maybe force the 64 bit system to use the 32 bit drivers using the same feature?

I'm not sure if this would work or not, but it might be worth trying.

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