PPTP and Cisco

August 9, 2009 at 19:54:43
Specs: Windows XP
dear Gurus,

An issue here. Please do assist.
Here is the scenario.

I have cisco routers in my organization. Now,
in my building/premise, i have a data storage
facility which houses data for various clients.

The question is, my clients would like to
access these information from their homes or
anywhere else. How do i build a secure
network tunnel to access this? I would like to
use PPTP but how do i configure my cisco
routers for this?

My concerns are:
1. What are the hardware required? I have not
got any routers yet. PLanning to get.
2. How do i configure the server and the
3. Is there any better solution?

Thank you for all the help.

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August 11, 2009 at 00:43:52
Hallo hsnanuna

There are several issues here to consider.
First you need to ask yourself:
What kind of information do the customers has the needs to access?
Another question:
What level of security do I need and are prepaired to invest?
Last question:
Which level of knowledge does the person have that needs to make these things work.

When you have the answer to these question you are ready to get going.

In my experience you need to identify the resourses (Server/Servers) which the customers nedds to access.
These Servers needs to be masked (NAT/PAT) from the world outside.

When it comes to the CISCO Router/Routers you need Access-lists which blocks unwanted traffic and opens wanted.
You need also an authentification Server which handles the
PPTP requests, this Server needs high speed (network) to
handle the requests from the customers.

The data storage you are refering to maby has a better solution if there is only a question of moving files from/to your storage. It is also the cheapest solution. If it is a SOHO than CISCO PIX is enough.

I would then suggest a FTPS (SSL/TLS) solution with a webinterface och simply FTP client access and create a simple (how-to) guide and emulate the most common errors (Server access error, wrong password error, home-network ISP error) this to clear the most common problems and make sure that customer relationship is running smothly.

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