powerline vs ethernet for home networking

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March 7, 2011 at 07:34:11
Specs: Windows XP
I currently have a 1 story ranch home with a basement. I had the basement finished about 3 yrs ago. Before all the drywall went up down there, I ran traditional ethernet/Cat5 cabling from one basement room (main PC area with cable modem) to several other rooms throughout the house (basement & main floor) to create my own home network.

I connected all the ethernet outlets myself and all has been working great for years now until I recently ran into an issue. One cat5 line doesn't seem to be fully recognized over the network and I'm having some connectivity issues in one room upstairs. I am gonna try to troubleshoot the problem (wiring, outlets. etc.).

Until then (& if I can't solve the problem), I was thinking of alternatives for this one room. a wireless bridge would work. I currently have a spare NETGEAR WGPS606 that would probably do the job. I'm also looking into some powerline products as another option.

How reliable are powerline products? In theory, I'm thinking it could be a better option than wireless since its essentially a hard wired connections vs wireless. I have always preferred hard wiring things and I also see some of these powerline products claiming speeds of 200Mbs.

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March 8, 2011 at 17:11:05
well done for the cat 5 install

id suggest getting a double socket next time and running two lines as its just as quick and if one fails you have a back up.

powerline ...... groan erm general thoughts is they are in my eyes almost the same problem as wireless. which is traffic from them can be picked up by your neighbour and they need encryption to stop this. im against it always since any information that they can pick at there leisure without being spoted is more likely to get snooped. i know the encryption is supper cool but nothing beats a locked door. Since when its forced you can instantly tell.

secondly as with wireless its advertising speeds it will never reach. 200Mbs i doubt will be real life figiures.id put a pint on it that the 200mb is the send and receive speed so in actually fact its 100mb. The encryption will take its toll and any noise on the line will drop the speed and i presume they will use some sort of collision detection which will drop it as well.

stick with wired if possible. put on extended cat 5 and you can run that up to 1gig(with the right hardware). also with two lines you can get two cards and team the connection and get that up to 2gig. with none of the reliability or security concerns as wireless.

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